The main task of the department of sales on the ETP is the preparation and holding of the United Trading Site of the concern "Belneftekhim" auctions for the sale of petroleum and petrochemical products manufacturing enterprises of the Republic of Belarus for export. Also, the department conducts the auction on sale of petrochemical products (products plant "Polymir") and on the domestic market. Electronic trading system - transparent, efficient, and accessible on an equal footing a large number of buyers instrument sales of products to foreign and domestic markets. Sales of products in the ETP takes the form of the auction in real time. ETPs address on the Internet: www.bntdtorg.by

The basic principles of electronic trading is: the creation of a level playing field for all bidders and objective assessment of unity demands equality of rights and duties of the bidders, guaranteeing performance of contractual obligations, both the buyer and the seller.

Head of Department - Kapylsky Vasily

Tel .: +375 17 2771454

fax: +375 17 2976302

E-mail: kopylsky@bntdtorg.by

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