Department task
-Ideologicheskaya, socio-political and social activities in the enterprise. 
The organization of information and methodological support of the company's employees. 
Carrying out of uniform day of informing, meetings, meetings at the company. 
-Realization supply plans in accordance with the prescribed quantity, quality and completeness.

- The service department is computer hardware companies, active telecommunication and server equipment, the system of centralized backup uninterruptible power supply, peripheral equipment (multifunction devices, printers, scanners, copiers), a corporate telephone network based on PBX Panasonic TDA-200 RU, electronic document management system « SMBusiness », control and access control, etc .. and also the site of the enterprise http://bntd.by and application specific and system software, and is licensed OS Windows XP, Windows 7 and 10 versions, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, 2012, MSOffice, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Proxy Kerio (organization controlling access internal LAN "LAN" computer network Internet and network protection "LAN" from the outside).

  The composition of automated information systems and computer workstations include:

"1C Enterprise" version 8.2 (network application)

  • Accounting and tax records in full compliance with national legislation;

  • Accounting for fixed assets and amortization calculations;

  • Formation of tax, accounting and other regulatory reporting to various bodies;

  • Accounting and control of budgets budgetary organizations in full compliance with the law and departmental regulations;

  • Module "salary" ;

  • "Personnel" module.

     APM "Subscriber" (network application)          

  • Transmission via the Internet statistical information on the enterprise of the concern "Belneftekhim".

    APM "Respondent" using cryptographic software - electronic digital keys.

                ON "ARM Respondent" is intended to fill the forms of state statistical observations of basic statistics and reporting directly to the respondents who report in electronic form.

   The main functions of the software "ARM Respondent" are:

  • Loading State Forms statistical observations (hereinafter - GOS);

  • Adding primary statistics report for the selected form of the GOS;

  • Saving, deleting and editing of forms GOS reports ;

  • Gaining control protocol based on the information contained in the report on the form of the GOS;

  • Printing of forms GOS reports;

  • The signing of the electronic digital signature reports (hereinafter - EDS) of the respondent;

  • Sending reports to the National Statistical Committee;

  • Obtain receipts.

APM "Client-Bank" (5 banks) (network application) using cryptographic software - electronic digital keys.

  • Formation of the payment documents: orders, extracts (manually, from a template or accounting software);

  • Transfer to bank messages in any format, as well as transfer files in MS Word, Excel;

  • Receiving statements and information about the status and account activity;

  • Getting help and service information of the Bank, including those with file attachments;

  • Sharing financial information with accounting software: import documents, export statements.

    APM "electronic customs declarant" (network application) using cryptographic software - electronic digital keys.

            It is intended to form the customs documents. It allows you to create documents to send to the National automated system of electronic declaration (NASED) and the Automated system of prior notification of customs bodies of the Republic of Belarus (AS "PI"). 

            Main features of the AU "declarant +": 

  • Formation of electronic copies of customs documents;

  • Printing of customs documents;

  • Format-logical control; 

  • Calculation of customs payments;

  • Directories on tariff and non-tariff regulation;

  • Networking;

  • Control of debiting the funds from the payment orders;

  • Import information from CSV (Excel);

  • Conversion from one type to another customs document;

APM "electronic carriage" with the use of encryption software - the electronic digital keys .

APM "Fund of Social Protection of Population" program "Enter the DPU" - 3 jobs using cryptographic software - electronic digital keys.

APM "Electronic invoice value (ESCHF)" - 5 jobs, using cryptographic software - electronic digital keys.

ON "Nefteotgruzka" (network application).

ON "Consultant Plus" (network application).

IN ACS « of Roger » (monitoring and access control system on the territory of the enterprise).

ON "protected email system of state bodies MAILGOV ». Connection to the mail server of Belarus state bodies is carried out through a secure VPN connection.

"Electronic Document Management System SMBusiness » with the use of encryption software AVEST - electronic digital keys (50 users, EDS enterprise portal is on the technological areas NTSEU, LAN connection with the portal for optical fiber).

Contact persons: 
Dubovskii Alexander K., Head of Department; 
. Tel / fax: 8 (017) 2772600

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